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iClone Review

What is Iclone? Iclone is a massive piece of software dedicated to animation storytelling, you are the director of your animation, you control the actors telling your story. When I downloaded iClone I didn’t realise the enormity of the program you can literally go from facial expressions with the mouse […]

Patreon models

Why not join up to our Patreon page, from as little as $1 per month. Loads of benefits from supporting FGB, we thought that maybe you would like to come on the journey and get models developed games built and with your input we can make this one hell of […]

Whats New

So, there will be new videos coming out soon, two different projects, 1 being a virtual gallery, a space that you can walk around in using Blender to build assets and Unreal Engine for creating the gallery. The second being a VR experience, a scarey experience. First video will be […]