Creating a Tree in 10 minutes

How can you create a tree in 10 minutes, easy just follow our VIDEO. Below is also a step by step guide you can copy and paste into your own word pad for future use, aren’t I good to you. I’ve also added the branches PNG file..       […]

Modelling Toothpaste – Easy

Todays video tutorial is modelling toothpaste, you maybe doing a bathroom scene or just learning new skills. Well as promised in the video below is the material I made for the toothpaste which you can download and use for your project. If you found the video of use to you […]

iClone Review

What is Iclone? Iclone is a massive piece of software dedicated to animation storytelling, you are the director of your animation, you control the actors telling your story. When I downloaded iClone I didn’t realise the enormity of the program you can literally go from facial expressions with the mouse […]

Patreon models

Why not join up to our Patreon page, from as little as $1 per month. Loads of benefits from supporting FGB, we thought that maybe you would like to come on the journey and get models developed games built and with your input we can make this one hell of […]